How to Prepare for a New Roof Installation

January 31, 2020

Your home depends upon a good roof. Without it, your home is susceptible to water damage and won’t provide the protection your family needs in the event of a storm or high winds. So it’s important to keep it inspected and in proper repair. But even with proper maintenance, the time will come when it’s time to have your roof replaced. It’s also possible that you’re replacing your roof because it’s been damaged or you’re investing in an upgrade like a metal roof to give your home a new look. But no matter the reason, one thing you can count on is that installing a new roof is a major job that will require some preparation on your part. Here are some common-sense tips to help the job go more smoothly while protecting your property and possessions.

Communicate with Your Contractor

Without a doubt, the most important part of preparing for your new roof is selecting a contractor and developing a good working relationship with them. It’s important to do your homework during this vital part of the process. Do the obvious and seek out referrals, and make sure that they’re fully insured and have the proper certifications and training for installing the roof type you’ve selected. And then ask questions about what’s expected of you. Good roofing contractors will provide you with a list of any requirements they need from you, like the location of electrical outlets on the exterior of your home and how many vehicles they’ll need room for during the job.

But if you haven’t gotten that far in the process yet, let’s look ahead and see what steps you’ll need to take to prepare for a new roof.

Prepping the Inside of Your Home

Why worry about the inside of your home when the roof is going on the outside? Roof installation is a serious job, and the process of removing the old shingles and installing new roofing materials can cause significant amounts of vibration and noise. Here are some common-sense steps to take inside your home.

Clear the attic. If you store any valuables or family heirlooms in the attic, consider moving them while the job is being done. Even conscientious roofers will kick up a lot of dust when the installation job is in progress. If you have large and bulky items, you may want to consider covering them with plastic sheets or drop cloths to protect them from dirt or any debris that may work loose from the inner structure of your roof.

Remove wall decorations and hangings. You may take for granted many of the things you have hanging on your walls. But take a moment and consider all the pictures, mirrors, and other heavy wall hangings you may have on the walls. Invest some time and take them down, particularly if they’re on the upper floors that are near the construction area.

Protect other fragile items. Stuff happens, so be sure to anticipate what vibrations from construction may cause to happen. If you have fragile items on shelves near your walls pack them away for a while during the roof installation. Bonus — it’ll give you a great chance to catch up on any dusting you may have neglected!

Prepare family members (and don’t forget pets). As we’ve noted, putting a new roof on your home can be a noisy process. Explain to young children what will be happening (they may find the idea exciting!) and if you have elders in the home keep them in the loop. If your pet is sensitive to sounds, consider finding alternate lodging for them while the job is ongoing.

Preparing Your Home’s Exterior and Landscaping

You’ve taken care of the inside of your home. Now let’s talk about the outside. These steps will ensure that the job goes as smoothly as possible, with minimal disruption to your home and landscaping.

Move vehicles and clear the driveway. Removing the old roof and bringing in the new materials will require space for trucks to deliver your new roofing materials, in addition to a dumpster to hold the old roofing materials. Plan on making space in your driveway and along the curb by your home for these requirements. It’s important to communicate with your roofing contractor about what their requirements will be before the job begins.

Remove items from the roof. Do you have antennas or satellite dishes on your roof? In the case of satellite dishes, be sure to contact your satellite provider to ensure that the antenna is removed and reset properly. If you have questions about any other items on your roof, contact your roofing contractors and discuss the matter with them before the job begins.

Mark and fence off sensitive landscaping. Installing a new roof means that the crew will need to get on the roof, and that means that you’ll have ladders around your home for several days. Make it easy on the roofing crew by trimming back hedges where necessary. If you have gardens or flower beds around your home that you don’t want to be disturbed be sure to mark them or surround them with some temporary fencing. Making it clear to the roofing crew will make it easier for them to know where they shouldn’t go.

Cut the grass. Why cut the grass? It’s not to impress the roofing crew with your excellent landscaping skills, it’s so it’s easier for them to clean up after the job is done. Small pieces of debris will be easier to see, and any lost roofing nails that have made it down to the lawn will be more effectively picked up by the rolling magnet that the crew will use on the lawn after the job is done.

Be a Good Neighbor

Getting a new roof will involve some degree of disruption that goes beyond your property line. There will be extra noise, more vehicles in the neighborhood, and the possibility of debris spilling outside your property line, even if only momentarily. Reach out to your neighbors before the job begins so that they know what to expect. It’ll only take a few moments and will do a lot to keep it a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

Count on the Expertise We Offer at Enoch

Our expertise in roofing goes well beyond just nailing shingles. We have the experience, knowledge, and communication skills to offer you a variety of roofing options and make you confident that the job will be done right. When you’re considering a new roof for your home, contact our team and we’ll figure out the best way to help you. Quotes are free, so get in touch with us right away.

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2 comments on “How to Prepare for a New Roof Installation”

  1. Thank you for explaining the importance of keeping valuable items out of your attic in order to prevent them from getting dirty while your roof is being worked on. My wife and I would like to install an asphalt roof for the fixer-upper home we inherited from my late uncle last month, but we're worried that the antique chairs in the attic might get damaged. We'll be sure to prepare our home prior to hiring a roofer.

  2. I want to get a new roof installed, but I'm not sure how to go about it. It makes sense that I would want to get a professional to put it in for me! They would know how to ensure that it's put in without any damages.


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