Determining When You Need an Air Duct Replacement

One of the most crucial components of an efficient HVAC system is also one of the most overlooked. Your air ducts account for the majority of airflow within your home and play a key role in the heating and cooling process. With old, ineffective, or inefficient air ducts, you’ll be costing yourself time, money, and comfort.

Poorly fitted air ducts can cause up to a 25% loss of airflow. This loss is due to worn or leaky ducts that will most certainly need to be replaced. When exactly is the best time to replace them? Below are some of the telltale signs that your HVAC system is ready for an air duct upgrade.

1. Dated Ductwork

Air ducts typically have a lifespan of 10-15 years and should be replaced once they reach this point. Whether or not they appear to be working efficiently, problems can quickly arise and are more likely to happen as the ductwork gets older.

Some homes that were built prior to the early eighties may also have ductwork that is lined with cancer-causing materials like asbestos and should be inspected immediately. Furthermore, newer and more efficient materials have been developed and can get the job done more efficiently which is why we recommend making the switch to new ducts for your home.

2. Pest Problems

No one likes a home full of pests and most people dread the idea of insects and rodents making themselves comfortable within the air ducts of your home. Well, older and/or damaged ductwork is the perfect breeding ground for an unwanted infestation.

Leaky ducts or holes that develop are an open invitation for unwanted visitors and once they come in, it’s quite difficult to get them out. Along with this issue can come the spreading of bacteria and disease, unwanted noises, and smells.

If you notice any of these signs, we recommend getting your ducts inspected as soon as possible and upgrade if there is a need.

3. Noisy HVAC System

Unfortunately, HVAC systems aren’t yet silent workers, but they certainly shouldn’t be loud enough to cause a disturbance. If you’ve noticed a loud rattling within your air ducts or a loud and obvious noise, perhaps it’s time for an inspection.

The ductwork in every home is connected with a series of joints made of plastic or fiberglass material and can become damaged over time which is usually the culprit of a loud HVAC system. If these sounds are occurring in your home, that means your air ducts are not working to their full potential and will need to be replaced to avoid losing efficiency and money.

4. Spike in Energy Costs

Speaking of money, one of the most obvious signs that you’re in need of an air duct replacement is an increase in your energy bill. While air ducts naturally allow small amounts of air to escape, you’ll quickly notice when that amount of air becomes significant.

Old and leaky air ducts can lose up to 20% of air and lack the ability to sufficiently heat or cool your home. If you notice a high energy bill with a system that can’t seem to meet your needs, consider an inspection to check for air loss. There’s no use in letting the air escape from your vents and the money escape from your pocket.

5. Dust in The Air

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to eliminate dust entirely, but if you begin to see a fast and furious buildup of dust, this may be a sign that your air ducts are failing you.

Damaged ductwork with holes or leaks allows in unwanted dust and send that dust straight into your home. Not only can this be a pesky problem to keep up with, but it can also cause a rise in allergies and even diseases. Dust from the outdoors carries a number of harmful and unwanted allergens, germs, and other bacteria that you wouldn’t want floating around your homes air system.

If you notice yourself sneezing more often or feeling under the weather, perhaps your ductwork is to blame.

6. Uneven Temperatures and Airflow

Have you ever noticed that one room in your home cools quicker or more efficiently than another? If so, this means you have uneven airflow which can be blamed on old or faulty ductwork.

Air ducts with leaks or holes may struggle to heat or cool your home evenly by missing certain parts or rooms. If you’re finding that the temperature in your home drastically varies from room to room, consider getting your air ducts inspected and replaced if needed.

If your air ducts are presenting you with any of the issues we covered, we highly recommend taking action rather than neglecting these problems as they can worsen quickly which will cost you more time and money in the long run. If you’re worried that your air ducts are no longer up to par, we suggest you get them inspected as soon as possible. Perhaps they need to be cleaned, resealed, or replaced altogether. Whatever your needs may be, it’s important to have efficient and clean air ducts to ensure total safety and comfort within your home.

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