The Best Carbon Monoxide Detector Placement for Your Home

March 5, 2024

Invisible and odorless, carbon monoxide (CO) poses a serious threat to households, making the placement of carbon monoxide detectors a critical aspect of home safety. As a byproduct of incomplete combustion, CO can accumulate undetected, leading to potentially life-threatening situations. This article provides an overview of carbon monoxide detectors essential for any homeowner. Understanding the significance of proper placement is paramount in safeguarding against the silent danger that is carbon monoxide.

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What Causes a Carbon Monoxide Detector to Go Off?

Your carbon monoxide detector can be set off by any gas burning appliance.  Gas burning appliances include your water heater, furnace, fire place, and gas stove.  All of these appliances can give off trace amounts of carbon monoxide. However, if these appliances are not burning correctly, they will set off the carbon monoxide detector.  Often times, if there is not adequate ventilation for your gas burning appliances, this can be a cause of the detector to sound an alarm.

How Can You Check for Carbon Monoxide in Your Home?

The best way to continuously check for carbon monoxide in your home it to have a low level carbon monoxide detector.  If you do not have a detector, you can have an HVAC professional check it for you during their routine maintenance.  Most HVAC professional wear a carbon monoxide detector on their belts since they commonly work with gas-fired furnaces.  However, having an HVAC professional check will likely cost money, so you could also call 911 or the fire department if you suspect a carbon monoxide leak in your home.

If you suspect you currently have a carbon monoxide leak, please leave your home and call 911.

Is One Carbon Monoxide Detector Enough?

One carbon monoxide detector is great, but you want to have one in the hallway outside of bedrooms.  If you have bedrooms on more than one level in your home, it is a good idea to have more than one detector.  Why you want to have it in the hallway outside of bedrooms is so you will be able to hear it, wake up, and safely exit your home if there is danger.

Where is the Best Place to Put a Carbon Monoxide Detector?

The best place for a carbon monoxide detector is in each hallway outside of bedrooms.  It is often recommend to place it 5 feet off the ground and on every level of your house.  Place at least 5-20 feet away from any gas-fired appliance so you do not get false alarms.  Another great place for a carbon monoxide detector is near your attached garage, since the fumes from a running car can be dangerous in your home if not monitored properly.

According to Keep the detector out of the way of pets and children. Each floor needs a separate detector. If you are getting a single carbon monoxide detector, place it near the sleeping area and make certain the alarm is loud enough to wake you up.

What Do I Do if Carbon Monoxide Detector Goes Off?

Call 911 or call the fire department and leave your home.

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