Creating Your Ideal Home Office

The current COVID-19 crisis has forced many of us to keep our distance from friends and coworkers. But even before this, the trend of working from home has been gaining in popularity. When an occasional day spent at the kitchen table with your laptop becomes your full-time gig, you’ll quickly realize that you need a better place to work. If you have a spare room, the ideal solution is to turn it into a home office. And this home office won’t be just a great place for working remotely, it can also serve as a calm preserve in your home for tackling home finances, gaming, and more.


Once you’ve decided upon the room you’ll be using for your home office, the first step in creating your home office should be evaluating and upgrading the space. Making alterations and improvements here will help you create the optimal workspace you’re looking for. Here are the key elements you should examine.

Power. Odds are you’ll need to plug in and power up a lot of gear in your workspace, including computers, monitors, printers, routers, and more. Don’t rely on extension cords and power strips to get the job done. Evaluate the room and decide where extra power outlets can be located. That way you’ll eliminate an unsightly and potentially dangerous rats nest of cords under your desk.

Lighting. Of course, you’ll need a good lamp on your desk, but what about the lighting in your room? A single harsh overhead light isn’t ideal, so consider adding features like recessed lighting in the ceiling. Then upgrade your light switches with dimmer controls so you can adjust the lights to match your needs and moods during the day.

Heating and Cooling. It’s not ideal to rely on your home’s central HVAC system to keep the temperature in your home office comfortable, particularly if you’ll be using the office while there are other people in the house. One smart solution is to equip the room with a multi-split HVAC system. A multi-split system employs a wall unit and a small outdoor compressor unit to provide room-specific control of the heating and cooling. Installing one is relatively easy and doesn’t require adding any new ductwork to the home.

Whole House UV Purifier. If you are concerned about the air quality of your home you should consider installing a whole-house air purifier to help reduce and eliminate sick building syndrome, odors, allergens, VOCs (Chemical Odors), smoke, mold, bacteria, viruses and other harmful pollutants. We offer REME HALO® UV Whole Home In-Duct Air Purifier, get yours!

If you need help figuring out your heating and cooling needs or want installation help with lights, dimmer switches, or electrical outlets, don’t hesitate to consult us. Estimates are always free!


Once you’ve got the lighting, climate control, and electrical system up to spec, it’s time to begin furnishing your office with the essential gear you need to get to work.


Your workspace is built around the furniture you’ll use.

Desk and chair

  • Don’t scrimp on these essential pieces of furniture. Your desk should have ample room for your keyboard, mouse, lamp, monitors, and other items, plus enough desk drawers to store office essentials. And since you’re going to be spending many hours a day sitting at this desk, invest in a high-quality chair that offers multiple adjustments so you can dial in just the right fit.

Shelving and storage

  • It’s hard to feel organized if you have piles of papers and stacks of books and binders covering your floor and other open spots. Equip your home office with a few sturdy bookshelves and a file cabinet so you can keep paperwork and essential reference materials organized.


Working remotely relies on the effective use of technology, and the right gear can make a difference in how well you get your job done.

External Monitor

  • Odds are that your work laptop is the portal you use to communicate and collaborate with your office. But you don’t want to squint at a laptop screen for 8 hours a day. Invest in one or two high-quality computer monitors that you can connect to your laptop. Pick models with adjustable bases so you can easily adjust the height and angle.

A Reliable Router

  • While the speed of your internet depends upon your provider, performance, and range in your home can depend a lot on the quality of the router you employ, particularly if you have other users online while you’re working. Invest in a quality router and extenders to ensure peak performance.


If you’re going to be spending a full workday in your space, you’ll find that the time is more fulfilling in an environment that’s pleasing to your senses. The color, furnishings, sound system, and art in your home office can have a profound effect on your productivity and make it easier to step into and out of your work role. When you step into this space you’ll know it’s time to work — and you’ll work better, too.

Colors. Picking the right color for your office is a very personal decision. But there are a few keys to guide you in your choice. If you have a small room, choose light hues to create a sense of space. Conversely, a large room will be more intimate if you choose darker colors or add dark accents to lighter shades. If your work is stressful, choose cool and soothing colors.

Selecting a theme. When you’re considering all of the needs of your home office it’s a smart idea to tie it all together with a unifying theme. You may be a fan of mid-century modern, or rustic. Or maybe an industrial vibe is the look for you. Search online for office decorating themes and see what appeals to you. With the number of companies that ship to your door, you won’t even have to leave the house to get the pieces you want.

A sound system. Your tastes may vary, but many people like to work with music in the background. And in a home office, you don’t have to worry about wearing headphones so you don’t disturb your coworkers. Rather than use your computer’s tiny speakers, invest in a good pair of powered desktop speakers so you can get really enjoy your favorite music.

Create the Perfect Workspace in Your Home

Whether you choose to work from home from necessity or preference, there’s no reason not to take the time and effort to develop a space that lets you do your very best work. Approach this project step by step, starting with the fundamentals, and take the time to choose the gear you need to be as productive as possible. Finally, don’t neglect the aesthetics that will make your home office a place you look forward to working in.

If you need help figuring out your heating and cooling needs for your office, or want installation help with lights, dimmer switches, or electrical outlets, do not hesitate to get in touch!. Estimates are always free!

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