Oncor HVAC Incentives
Our math geeks at Enoch will look for the best rebates and incentives and will send you a response within 1 hour. (*during normal business hours)
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We need a photo of your meter base.

We need to confirm if you're an ONCOR customer.

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We need a photo of your outdoor condenser faceplate.

Your outdoor condenser is the large box on the outside of your house with a fan inside of it. It's the outdoor portion of your air conditioner system. The faceplate contains a model # and serial # on it. If that number is faded or not visible send a photo of it anyway.

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We need a photo of your indoor unit.

If you're unable to get into your attic (or closet) where the indoor unit is located we need to know if you're aware whether you have a gas furnace or electric heat in your home. Please try to take this photo from as far as possible.

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