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8940 Creek Run Road
Fort Worth, TX 76120

Enoch Electric


Do you use Sub Contractors?

At Enoch one of our commandments is to never use subcontract labor. The only minor exception is when a customer requests us to complete something out of the scope of our 3 trades (electrical, plumbing, HVAC). Typically we encourage the customer to hire their own tradesmen if it’s something we don’t do. However, in certain circumstances we may be willing to partner with another company/individual to accomplish a task that is outside of our trade/skill. For example, if a customer requests iron cages to be put around their outside condensers - we don’t do this but we’ve used skilled iron workers who do.

Do you offer free quotes?

Yes, We offer free Quotes over the phone, Call us at (817) 953-3181 or Request a Quote here

Can i pay online?

Yes, you can pay online. Just let us know and we can issue you an electronic invoice you can pay online. 

Do you offer financing or payment options?

We do offer financing via our partnership with Wells Fargo. Our financing options vary but only apply to jobs that are in excess of $3000. Otherwise we accept every major form of payment (credit card, check, bank draft, cash, etc).

Are you licensed and insured?

We are licensed and insured electrical HVAC & plumbing contractors. Our licensure can be looked up online for all 3 of our trades. We also hold unique certifications such as licensed tyco copalum installers. Our insurance covers the liability incurred in all 3 trades as well as workman’s comp over all our staff (field and office). Our aggregate insurance covers up to 2 million dollars and 1 million per occurrence.

Do you guarantee your work?

Every job is unique and our warranties are individual to the job performed. Please ask us about your specific project.

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