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Your home's electrical system is controlled by the electrical panel, also known as a breaker panel. But the traditional electric panel hasn't changed very much in over 100 years. With the advent of battery backup systems for the home, there's a need for new tech to replace your existing electric panel. That's where the new smart electric panels enter the picture. In this article, we'll examine what smart panels are, and how the Span smart panel can help you prioritize power distribution and control power consumption in your home during power outages.


What does an electrical panel do?

A traditional circuit breaker panel is a simple device. Power flows into the panel from your utility, then it is directed to different circuits throughout the home. Each circuit in the home is protected from how much power flows into the circuit by circuit breakers that will cut off power when there is too much draw for the circuit's wiring to handle.

While this tried-and-true piece of electrical technology has proven safe and reliable, it has many limitations that make it less than ideal for connected smart homes, particularly those with backup battery power.

What is a smart electrical panel?

A smart panel, like the Span Smart Electrical Panel, takes the existing electric panel design and moves it into the 21st century. These panels replace the existing electric panel and bring intelligence into your home's power generation and consumption. If you're considering solar panels and battery backup (or already have them), the Span Panel will give you much more control of your power flow and consumption than is possible with a traditional electric panel.

How are Span Smart Panels different from regular panels?

The Span Panel differs from old-fashioned models in the control it offers and in how you achieve that control. While a Span Panel still has the conventional circuit breaker switches you're used to seeing, the real control it offers is done through a smartphone app.

This app provides a wealth of information and control. At the top level, the app will show you how much power is coming into your home via the grid, solar power, and battery backup. It also shows how much power is going into the different circuits in your home, providing a real-time look at your power consumption.

How does a Span panel work?

While this information is useful, the real beauty of the Span is the control it gives you over how power is distributed in your home in the event of a power outage.

From the app screen on your smartphone, you can set priority levels for each of your home's electric circuits: Must Have, Nice to Have, and Not Essential. When a power outage occurs, Span takes over and directs your available power reserves to the designated indoor spaces.

During power outages, Not Essential circuit breakers are shut off, Nice to Have circuit breakers are powered until your battery reaches 50%, and Must Have circuit breakers continue to receive power until the battery is dead.

Even better, with this smart home electric panel, you can make adjustments anytime you want, right from your smartphone. For example, if you find that one of your Nice to Have circuits drains your battery too quickly, you can change its priority level with just a touch of the screen. It's a level of control and information that simply doesn't exist with a regular circuit breaker panel.

With this control, you can easily determine your priority levels. For example, you can prioritize ethernet connectivity or power to your living rooms. Less essential circuits, like that for your clothes dryer can be set to a low priority.

When is a Span panel a good idea for me?

The real utility of a Span panel comes from how it integrates a diverse electrical system. In the past, electrical power was a simple concept. You connected to the grid and paid your bill. Perhaps you had a backup generator for use during power outages, but that was about it.

The future lies in more diverse sources of power and home-based power generation, particularly through the use of solar panels. And by teaming up solar panels with a battery backup and inverter, you're able to produce your own power, not only for use during a power outage but to save you money and take demand off of the grid as well.

If this is where your home is - or where you want it to be - installing a Span panel will improve the effectiveness of your solar and battery array immensely. In short, with Span, you'll have a user-customizable whole-home backup system, and enjoy real-time monitoring and control over your home's electrical system.

What is involved in installing a Span panel?

The Span smart panel is a sophisticated piece of technology that requires the services of a well-trained team for installation. Yet a Span installation involves fewer parts and a simpler setup than what you'll encounter with most battery backups.

The typical battery backup system requires a separate electrical panel for use during a power outage. Span combines the functions of a normal electric panel and this critical loads panel so you'll have less equipment to deal with.

But since you'll be replacing your entire circuit breaker panel, the installation team will need to consult with you before the job to ensure that they have an understanding of the electrical system in your home so that all your circuits are routed correctly. A site visit is also often required.

Once your installation visit is set up, the power will need to be shut off during the installation. But based on past experiences, most homes will have the job completed in a day. Span works with installers that have a proven track record (like Team Enoch) and provides the training and support to ensure that they will get the job done right the first time.

You want a Span!

Is a Span smart panel right for you? If your home is equipped with solar panels and battery backup power for use during an outage, the answer is clearly yes.

Span offers a level of control and actionable insights that you can't get from a conventional electrical panel. With Span you can turn circuits on and off and adjust the electrical current flowing through your home in real-time. And you can adjust circuit priority in the event of power outages without needing a licensed electrician to rewire your panel.

Choose Team Enoch for your Span installation

If you're in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, your best choice for having a Span smart panel installed is Team Enoch.

Team Enoch is committed to providing high-quality products and workmanship to our customers, at a price that's fair. With over 2500 positive reviews, and over 10,000 jobs completed every year, we pride ourselves on ensuring that our well-trained technicians do the job right the first time.

At Team Enoch we have partnered with Span to ensure that your installation is done properly. You'll know that your system will be connected properly so that you'll be able to take advantage of the advantages this new technology brings to energy storage and distribution in your home.

Contact us to find out more about Span for your home, and for all your home heating and cooling needs. Remember, estimates are always free!

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