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If you’re a long-time homeowner you understand how important regular home maintenance is. That small repair — put off until later — almost inevitably becomes a big repair that must be done right away, always at greater expense and greater inconvenience. And if you’re a new homeowner wouldn’t you rather not learn those hard lessons?

Our membership plans at Enoch make it easier and less expensive to stay on top of the vital maintenance that your HVAC and plumbing systems need, plus provide you with useful inspections for your roof and electrical systems, as well as other useful services. And if a big repair or upgrade is necessary you can even take advantage of low financing charges. We offer plans at the Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels. Here are some of the ways a membership plan with Enoch will save you money over the long term while keeping your home in perfect trim.

Get the full details on what our yearly membership plans cover here:

Prolong the Life of Your Systems

We’ve heard it before, but that doesn’t make it any less true. When you perform the proper preventative maintenance on your home’s HVAC system it will last longer. The highly-qualified techs at Enoch know all of the necessary tests and maintenance procedures for all varieties of home HVAC systems. They’ll know what to test for to ensure that your system runs better and safely, and lasts much longer.

All of our membership plans at Enoch include the annual service of your HVAC system.

Lower Heating and Cooling Costs

Think of the HVAC system of your home in the same way you would a car. A car with a poorly-tuned engine, under-inflated tires, and dirty filters isn’t going to run as efficiently and get as good of gas mileage as a car that’s been properly maintained. If you let your HVAC system get to the same condition as the junker we’ve just described, you’re wasting money every time the AC or heat comes on.

Regular maintenance will allow your system to operate at peak efficiency, lowering the operating costs for your system, sometimes significantly. All the membership plans offered by Enoch include yearly HVAC inspections, so your system will get the attention it deserves at every level.

Reduce the Chance of Breakdowns

HVAC System:
Maybe it’s happened to someone you know, or maybe to you. You’ve come home at the end of a sweltering summer day, only to find that your HVAC system has given up the ghost. You’re stuck sitting in front of a fan while you wait for the first available repairman. But crises aren’t just confined to the summer. You certainly don’t want to be left shivering during a cold snap because your HVAC system has packed up, either. Regular maintenance of your HVAC system is one of the best ways to catch small problems before they disable your entire system, and every level of Enoch’s membership plans includes yearly HVAC maintenance.

Water Heater:
Experts agree that one of the main causes of catastrophic hot water heater failures, and the water damage that can ensue, is corrosion of the tank and fittings. Silver and Gold Enoch membership plans include a yearly hot water tank flush. It’s a great way to ensure that your hot-water tank provides trouble-free performance.

Inspections for Your Home

As a smart homeowner, you’re used to keeping an eye on things. With an Enoch membership plan, you’ll get backup from the professionals at Enoch. Starting with our Silver Plan, you get annual inspections for your roof plus an electrical safety inspection as well. With our Gold Plan, our team will perform a once-yearly inspection of your plumbing system as well.

Be Ready for Emergencies

You never know when you may experience a plumbing, HVAC, or electrical problem in your home. With our membership plans, you’ll have the peace of mind to know that our technicians are ready to assist you in getting everything back to normal. And with our Silver and Gold plans you get one free drain unclogging every year.

Enjoy a Healthier Home

Most of us look at duct cleaning as a luxury that we’ll get around to doing someday. But regular duct cleaning can rid your home of allergens and molds that affect your family’s health. Think about the benefits of a yearly duct cleaning, and how much more pleasant it will make your home. With a Gold membership plan, you get a yearly duct cleaning. That’s a $300 to $500 out-of-pocket expense, covered by your membership.

Choose the Plan That’s Right for You

Our membership plans at Enoch come at three different levels — Gold, Silver, and Bronze — each with their own set of services and perks. In addition to services and inspections, each plan offers its own level of discounts on home repairs and equipment, plus special rates on financing. That’s a real advantage to have on hand when you’re ready to upgrade or replace old equipment. You can sign on to our membership plans in two different ways.

  • Yearly Plan payments offer the convenience of a one-time payment, plus extra savings for your membership plan level. In fact, you’ll save 10% per year if you choose a yearly payment plan.

  • Monthly Plan payments let you get your foot in the door without the larger one-time payment of a yearly plan. Please note that a six-month commitment is required if you choose to pay monthly.

Get the full details on what services our membership plans cover here:

Our Commitment to Excellence

We strive to provide all of our residential customers with excellent value on each and every job, and our track record backs us up. We’re fully licensed and insured and achieve consistently high customer ratings for our work. And we keep everything in house, never using subcontract labor. When you deal with us, you know who you’ll be working with.

Take Care of Your Home and Lock in Savings for 2020

Who doesn’t like to save money? Every Enoch membership plan offers a significant discount on home repairs, replacements, and upgrades, starting at 5% with the Bronze Plan, and rising to 12% with our Gold Plans. Sign up right away and get 10% off yearly memberships. Just use the code B10YOFF to lock in extra savings.

Get the full details on what our membership plans cover here:

Whatever plan you choose you’ll gain the knowledge and skill of our highly-trained technicians, available to you to assist with HVAC, plumbing, electrical, roofing, and more. Contact us today!

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