6 Things You Should Know About Copalum Aluminum Wiring Repair

October 4, 2019

Why Is Copalum Preferred

Millions of Americans own homes that have aluminum wiring inside, especially those living in homes built between 1965 and 1973. Aluminum wiring was once preferred over expensive copper wiring, but today it’s widely known that aluminum wiring poses many safety risks. Aluminum wiring repair is not a typical DIY activity; therefore, an experienced electrician, one who knows how to fix aluminum wiring using Copalum, should be contacted if you’re concerned about aluminum wiring that’s currently in your home.

Copalum and complete rewiring are the two chief methods recommended by the U.S. Consumer Safety Product Commission (CPSC) for aluminum wiring repair. The latter, however, is an expensive undertaking, and such is why many homeowners facing aluminum wiring problems choose Copalum; it’s an affordable and reliable alternative to total rewiring. If you’re looking to have Copalum installed in your home, consult the following points before you go forward with an installation.

1. Copalum Protects Against Wire-Related Fire

According to a CPSC-funded survey, homes that include aluminum wiring are 55 times more likely to be at fire risk than homes with copper wiring. Aluminum wiring deteriorates quickly and overheats easily, and sometimes aluminum connections can reach fire-starting temperatures without a circuit breaker ever being tripped. It’s also difficult to detect when aluminum wiring is on the verge of failing because there are very few warning signs.

Homeowners that are concerned about wire-related fire risk invest in Copalum installations because they’re a permanent fix. The Copalum wiring repair method involves 10,000 lbs of cold welding pressure being used to weld copper and aluminum wiring together, eliminating fire risk and other unwanted elements typically associated with bad aluminum wiring, like flickering lights, hot switch faceplates, disabled circuits, and burning plastic smells emitting from switches and outlets.

2. Copalum Has Been Thoroughly Researched

Over the years, many studies, laboratory tests, and demonstration projects have aimed to both determine and analyze the benefits and disadvantages associated with Copalum. The CPSC has found that Copalum is a safe and permanent fix to common aluminum wiring problems, and for more than 30 years electricians have been using Copalum because it’s an affordable and permanent solution. Copalum prevents connection failures without the original aluminum wires having to be removed, and this is largely why it’s preferred by owners of occupied and furnished homes.

Numerous methods have been developed and tested to address aluminum wire repair, yet today only two are guaranteed to work: total rewiring, the expensive method, and Copalum. Something as serious as repairing aluminum wires should not be taken lightly; therefore, it’s smart to invest in a thoroughly researched solution.

3. Experienced Electricians Can Install Copalum

There are a few electrical tasks one might find around the house that can be taken care of without professional assistance. Replacing broken or worn-out lightbulbs, for example, does not require the help of an electrician. Copalum installation is different; it’s definitely not something one can consider to be a DIY activity. Most American homeowners that have aluminum wiring problems contact experienced and licensed electricians when they need help, and Texas residents, in particular, get in touch with Copalum installers in Fort Worth when they want to fix their aluminum wiring issues once and for all.
Before selecting a contractor for Copalum installation, ask candidates the following questions:

  • Are you licensed and certified by Tyco to install Copalum?

  • Is the installation process going to disturb my daily activities, especially those which are specific to my home?

  • How long have you been specializing in Copalum installations?

Use the answers given to these questions, along with research and reference checks, to determine which contractor is best suited to handle your Copalum installation in Dallas.

4. Copalum Is More Affordable Than Total Rewiring

One of the main appeals associated with Copalum is affordability: when compared with other methods used to fix aluminum wiring, Copalum costs very little. Moreover, Copalum installation is a much simpler process than, for example, total rewiring of the home. But if you try to install Copalum without the necessary skills, training, and knowledge, you may cause expensive damage or injury. When Copalum installations cost less than $60 per electrical outlet, there’s no reason to risk your safety or the wellbeing of your property on DIY wiring repairs.

Before you select an electrician for aluminum wire repair, collect and compare quotes from various electricians in your area. And remember that high price does not necessarily guarantee exceptional quality; in fact, there are plenty of electricians out there, like Team Enoch for example, that offer great value without compromising on quality or customer service.

5. Copalum Is an Eco-Friendly Solution

A lot of homeowners today are trying to find ways in which they can reduce their carbon footprints, and many are giving up traditional technologies and practices in order to lessen their impacts on the environment. Eco-friendly homeowners facing problems with aluminum wiring don’t have a lot of options, unfortunately: they can either rewire their entire house—a process that could take a long time, cost a lot of money, and significantly harm the local environment—or they can invest in eco-friendly Copalum. The latter option is chosen by most environmentally conscious homeowners, and many remark that it is a permanent fix they never thought was possible.

Consider how much work and waste is involved in rewiring an entire house or building; it’s not like the old wiring and materials can be easily recycled. In fact, most of the hardware taken out during a rewiring can never be used again and requires special procedures for disposal. Don’t make the environment pay for an unforeseen building error; instead, fix the aluminum wiring in your home using Copalum and ensure your property, as well as the environment around it, is never jeopardized by dangerous wiring.

6. Copalum Can Be Installed in Both Residential and Commercial Properties

Although Copalum installations are largely undertaken by homeowners, Copalum can be installed at commercial properties that have aluminum wiring inside. According to the CPSC, aluminum wire becomes hazardous when connected to receptacles, switches, and junction boxes; it also can be a fire starter when connected to major appliances like water heaters and washing machines. Commercial businesses on average have more connections than the typical home, and such is why businesses facing the need to do aluminum wiring repair should have Copalum installed. If you’re not around when a wire-related fire starts at your business, the results can be utterly devastating. Don’t take a risk like this: have professional electricians that are certified by Tyco install Copalum at your business and gain the peace of mind you deserve.

Who to Contact for a Reliable Copalum Installation

As it was said earlier, Copalum installation is not a DIY task. Therefore, if you want to have Copalum installed in your home to eliminate all the risks associated with aluminum wiring, it’s best to contact the reliable electricians at Team Enoch that specialize in aluminum wire repair. Installing Copalum is an affordable alternative to completely rewiring an entire house, and this is the number-one reason which leads people to installation. Don’t live in constant fear of an unsuspected electrical fire: get in touch with Tyco-certified electricians and have Copalum installed in your home today.

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  1. Hi. Purchasing a house with aluminum wiring. Who in my area does the copalum process(a little north of Pittsburgh, Pa)? And one company says it’s not necessary due to newer tech...true? Thanks


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